The Race to 100k

For nearly a decade, 100,000 has held an indomitably divine standing among many in the bitcoin ecosystem. It is, perhaps, the turning point for the industry as a whole. The fulfillment of a centuries old prophecy. The moment when traditional finance will have no other option but to admit that the bitcoin industry is not a backwater, and is instead, perhaps, the base layer of a new era.

No, I’m not talking about the price of bitcoin.

I’m talking about the race to 100,000 twitter followers between Neeraj and Nic. A race that has the bitcoin world watching with bated breath.

Just last week an anonymous laser beam was quoted as saying, “this is the fight of our time. I hope that sound minds prevail and the rightful winner is crowned.”

Another claimed the health of the entire bitcoin ecosystem hangs in the balance.

It is well known that the young man who breaches 100k followers first may achieve the kind of power that most of us could only ever dream of.

The steaks are not medium rare, they’re high. And it’s impossible to not take notice…

Even though both their names share an initial letter of the alphabet, the resemblance stops there. Neeraj and Nic represent opposing dualities in the bitcoin ecosystem. They’ve tactfully employed their strategies to defeat their foes and garner great success in the bitcoin colosseum.

But now their swords must turn to one another.

Neeraj’s strategy, largely, has been one that seeks to master the manipulation and dissemination of memes. The man has not engaged in a serious discussion on any topic, ever, since he was sued by WeWork. In fact, the only serious post on his twitter page is a promoted twitter ad for a Dyson Vacuum.

Nic, on the other hand, is well known for his insightful and well thought out musings on pre-1982 pennies. His interest in copper coins has propelled him towards elite status among hard money advocates — a subclass of strange individuals who decry paper currency because it’s simply too soluble in water.

Together, these men represent the best thought leaders in the bitcoin space.

But now, the industry as a whole must make a choice on who they want to lead them. Will they choose Neeraj, the literal offspring of bitcoin and Bad Luck Brian, or Nic, a man whose failed Buddy Holly look-a-like career has led him down the path of fiscal independence.

Over the next few months bitcoiners have a hard choice to make. Our fate and our future hangs in the balance. The race to 100k will define us for generations to come.

Choose wisely.




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