Joe Biden’s Mental Decline

An argument that’s been used against Donald Trump since 2016 is a rumor that he has a medical problem with his brain functions. For those on the left, they consider “mental decline” as a disqualifier for President. They’ve said so for years.

Here are three articles from the last 6 months alone challenging Trump’s mental fitness: 1, 2, 3.

If media outlets were at all bipartisan, Joe Biden’s mental decline would be just as talked about. Here are two videos of Biden, one from the DNC in 2016 and the other from a few days ago following RBG’s death.

In 2016 Biden is running around the stage waving at his constituents and his speech is full of energy. His speech from a few days ago has him out of breath, mumbling, and relying on a prompter for almost all of his speech. I’m not an expert, but I have a hard time believing this could be solely attributed to his newfound stutter.

After sharing this on social media I found that left-leaning readers saw no mental decline and/or said they would prefer “mental decline” over Trump. The responses felt rather dishonest.

If you’re going to use mental fitness as a disqualifier for President it needs to be applicable to both sides of the aisle, not just the side you’re voting against.

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Clay Space

Clay Space

I write my ideas

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