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  • Davido Davido

    Davido Davido

    Voluntarist, Agorist, not Pacifist. Don’t Tread on Anyone. Rely on Hard Assets, Hard Principles, and Hard People

  • allen farrington

    allen farrington

    I’m an investor. I think about things. I write some of it down.

  • Christopher Winters

    Christopher Winters

  • Mike Maples, Jr.

    Mike Maples, Jr.

    Co-founder and Partner at Floodgate; Host of Starting Greatness podcast.

  • Brian Flynn

    Brian Flynn

    I often curate and write about crypto. Founder, Builder, and Thinker.

  • Kait Hanerfeld

    Kait Hanerfeld

    Associate Digital Marketing Manager at My-Take. We love to help organizations create smart connections with their consumers.💡

  • Kai Stinchcombe

    Kai Stinchcombe

    Whatever the opposite of a futurist is

  • Julien Genestoux

    Julien Genestoux

    CEO, founder, https://unlock-protocol.com New York — Atom, Bytes and Tokens.

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